The results of the consequences of the war for private business and the economy of Ukraine – a round table

On Friday, March 10, 2023, a round table was held in Brussels on the topic: “Consequences of the war for private business and the economy of Ukraine – results of 2022, challenges of 2023”. European politicians, experts, and business representatives participated in the event, as well as the Brussels Justice for Ukraine Foundation, which presented a study on the current situation in the country and future challenges.

The representative of the Brussels “Justice for Ukraine Foundation” Volodymyr Lincautan, opened the event and presented the research. He emphasized the need for comprehensive assistance from the European community to Ukraine, in particular, in the legal sphere:

Justice and human rights accountability are central pillars of the European Union’s policy on Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. We must do everything to ensure that the European understanding of the concept of justice is implemented in Ukraine in the broadest and most meaningful sense.

In the text of the study of the Brussels Justice for Ukraine Foundation, much attention is paid to the analysis of key challenges for the economy of Ukraine in 2023, as well as to the model of relations between the state and business, under which the post-war revival of the Ukrainian economy will take place. The full text of the study can be found on the fund’s website at the link “Economy and private business of Ukraine during the war.pdf

The event was moderated by Paulo Casaca, a former MEP (Portugal), and Kateryna Tsaranok, Brussels Modern Education & Research Institute.

At the meeting, Kateryna Tsaranok reported on the consequences of the war and its impact on the economy of Ukraine; Paulo Casaca delivered a report on the impact the war in Ukraine has on the EU economy based on the results of 2022 and prospects for 2023; Ukrainian business representatives Andrey Mitchenko, founder and general director of ECOSOFT, and Alona Lebedieva owner of AURUM GROUP, shared about the situation the private business is facing at the current stage in the country; Brussels international attorney Philippe Billiet from BILLIET&Co lawyers reported on the recovery of war damages and potential options.

As part of the event, a fruitful discussion took place between the experts and participants of the event.

Frank Schwalba-Hoth, a former MEP (Germany), Claudia Tapardel, a former MEP (Romania) and Yaroslav Mykyta, Chief Legal Officer of AURUM GROUP, also participated actively in the discussions during the round table.

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