Round table “The consequences of the war for private business and the economy of Ukraine – the results of 2022, the challenges of 2023”

10 March 2023, 15:00. Brussels – To be announced *

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has been going on for more than a year. This war is already the largest armed conflict in the world since World War II. Along with civilians and critical infrastructure the country’s economy is also suffering with decline – more than 30% in 2022. Private business is destroyed in the temporarily occupied territories, heavily damaged in the frontline zone, and suffers losses throughout Ukraine.

Over the past year, European countries have been providing invaluable humanitarian and economic assistance to Ukraine as well as temporary protection of Ukrainians. The entire progressive world community has united in support of Ukraine.

The Brussels based Foundation “Justice for Ukraine” vzw published a research “Consequences of the war for private business and economy of Ukraine: results of 2022, challenges of 2023”.

We invite you to join the Round Table to analyse the current situation and discuss the challenges of the future:

  • How has the war in Ukraine affected the EU economy in 2022 and what can the EU countries expect in 2023?
  • What are the prospects for private business in Ukraine in 2023? What models of relations between private business and the state in Ukraine are the most effective?
  • When and how will the economic recovery of Ukraine begin and when will Russia begin reparations?

The Round-Table will be followed by an informal discussion with the experts and participants over a glass of wine and snacks.


  1. The state of the economy of Ukraine – the results of 2022.
  2. The impact of the war in Ukraine on the EU economy, the results of 2022 – prospects 2023.
  3. The EU economic assistance to Ukraine in 2023 – opportunities and prospects.
  4. Cluster model of economic development of Ukraine in 2023 – perspective model of relations between the state and business.
  5. Conflicts of state and business in Ukraine in 2014 – 2022. Typical models and examples.
  6. Reparations for war: what options for Ukraine?
    The number of participants is limited. If you would like to attend and secure your place, please register by emailing

*Attendance at this event is by invitation only and all deliberations will take place under the Chatham House rule (no views or positions may be attributed publicly to any participant). Following the recommendations that come out of the discussion, the organisers will publish a policy brief as part of their public mission.